US employees are not engaged

Disengaged , on the other hand, cost U.S. businesses more than $300 billion per year. That’s because a staggering 70% of US employees are not US engaged at work. So how can you improve your company’s engagement levels? In US employees this infographic, we’ll cover 8 ways your company can improve engagement rates. As well as your overall work. Encourage social connections 88% of employees rate their relationships with coworkers as important to their job satisfaction.

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Social connections get sick less often and perform telegram data better on the job. You can foster social connections by providing your employees with space to take breaks throughout the day and encouraging them to use it. As well as hosting events and activities outside work hours. Provide feedback Turnover rate is 14.9% lower among who receive feedback on their strengths.

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Regular feedback are 12.5% productive than those Latvia Phone Number List who don’t. Companies who provide regular feedback are 8.9% also more profitable than those who don’t. Providing honest and constructive feedback is a simple way to keep your engaged, and will also improve the quality of their work. 3. Lead by example who work with engaged leaders are 55% more engaged and 53% more focused.

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