Tutanota is even better with Premium. Hidden features in your Tutanota mailbox.

Tutanota is a secure free email service that protects your data with built-in encryption. We make sure that you can store your emails and contacts in Tutanota securely encrypted. While you can easily access your encrypted messages on every device, no one can snoop on your data. This high level of security is only possible because people value their privacy by going the premium route. In return, as a premium user, team or professional user, you benefit from a lot of extra features.

We respect your privacy and provide a secure and open source email service that puts you in charge of your data.

We do not use or sell your data. Thanks to our premium users, we are able to turn Tutanota into a sustainable success, allowing us to continuously grow our team and add more features to Tutanota.

Moreover, Tutanota is a green email service, so with Tutanota you can protect not only your data but also the environment.

Great features are waiting for you!

We are constantly adding features, which are  Betting Data reserved exclusively for Premium users. Go Premium now to unlock these features in your encrypted mailbox.

  • New full-access offline mode. Store as much mail as you want locally and log in without an internet connection.
  • Use extended and unlimited searches on encrypted data.
  • Use smart filtering for your encrypted mailbox.
  • Add an alias to your Tutanota account.
  • Add your custom domain and activate the connection.
  • Manage all Tutanota users for your business.
  • Using several encrypted calendars in Tutanota
  • Customize Tutanota for your business (white label*).
  • White label* functionality. Log in through your own website.
  • Add multiple domains with business* functionality.
  • Add Secure Connection*, an encrypted contact form to your website.
  • Share*. Share your encrypted calendar with other premium users
  • Get Tutanota Premium for free for your NPO.

*White label, sharing, business features and secure connections are optional extensions for the Premium plan.

Security features that make Tutanota stand out

By ensuring all your data is always Australia Phone Number List  end-to-end encrypted, only you own your data. Tutanota’s automatic encryption enables you to use the benefits of the cloud – availability, accessibility, cost-effectiveness, automatic backup – without giving up the sovereignty or security of your data.

Built on top of built-in encryption, Tutanota’s secure password reset and innovative encrypted data search are just two important features that ensure no third party – not even us – can gain access to your data.

Below are the most important features that make Tutanota’s security unmatched.

  • End-to-end encrypted mailbox
  • End-to-end encrypted address book
  • Zero-knowledge calendar
  • Automatic end-to-end encrypted email between users
  • Send end-to-end encrypted email to any email address with a password
  • Secure password reset, so we have absolutely no permissions
  • Full-text search of encrypted data performed locally
  • TLS with support for PFS, DMARC, DKIM, DNSSEC, and MTA-STS
  • Secure desktop client for Windows, Mac OS and Linux
  • GDPR-compliant email service with built-in encryption
  • We also recommend that you read our email security guide to learn how Tutanota can keep your emails safe from hackers.

Thank you for your wonderful support

We have released our first premium version of Tutanota in 2015. After one month we have reached break -even due to the huge support from the Tutanota community.

This support is ongoing and it allows us to keep growing our team . We invest all the revenue we generate from sales of Tutanota to hire more developers, allowing us to add more features at a faster pace in the future.

We thank all our paying users for their amazing support, and we encourage free users who can afford to spend €12 per year to join them. Together we can make the internet a better place and stop mass surveillance! That’s our goal.

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