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Super detail explanation! 4 Top Strategies for Coping with Cold Call Situations!
Scenario 1: The phone at home cannot be recogniz. Are you worri that your parents will be deceiv?
There have been a lot of scam news recently, and I am worri that my elders in the family may accidentally be deceiv… “I really want to know who is calling? How do I check the source of a home phone call?”

Household indoor telephones can also identify the source

You can use Whoscall’s Elephant Card to solve your problems!
Whoscall (the name comes from the Taiwanese word “who is calling”, it’s so cute), which is the local version of Whoscall, is a physical machine install in the local phone, specially us for home calls and work calls! With the cloud community reporting system, the global database is updat in real time, so whether it is a sales number, company number, suspicious phone number or customer service number, it can be accurately identifi!
Where can I get it? For details , please visit the official website of Xiangcallai

Situation 2: Every time you get a call from New Zealand Mobile Number List a stranger, do you hesitate to answer it?
irritating! Inexplicably becoming a magnet for annoying calls
“I have receiv a lot of high-frequency sales and scam calls recently, and I have to check online one after another to see if they are harassing calls or spam calls…” This is very likely because your phone information has been accidentally leak. I believe that encountering such a situation will cause you to receive unknown calls and easily hesitate to answer the phone.

Phone Number List

The phone rings! Is it an important call? !


“This… this number seems very familiar!! Is New-Zealand Phone Number List it the child’s school calling? Or is it the dentist’s appointment for the evening? And… give me two more minutes to think about it… ”

You can do this: Install Whoscall on your mobile phone to identify strange calls. You can use Whoscall’s strange call identification function! Through the 1.6 billion number database own by Whoscall, we will identify public numbers and information report by users. Next time you get a call, you can know in advance who the caller is. Not only that, Whoscall has up to 99% malicious intent Phone detection rate! In the future, whenever a scam call comes in, you can hang up as fast as 0.00001 seconds! Break! it! However, since scammers and cold callers update their phone numbers on a weekly basis, remember to update your database weekly to ensure you are protect against the latest annoying phone attacks!

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