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Contentaware technology has gradually been introduced into many photoshop features. Another area in which photoshop has undergone continuous improvements is that of selections . Which has always been a stumbling block for novice users.

Photoshop now offers more and more automatic selection methods that are astounding. Such as automatic selections of people . Foreground objects . And skies .

Speaking of skies… Photoshop even recently

introduced a function that automatically selects a sky and replaces it with a couple of clicks. Until some time ago.

This type of operation would have required a series of steps that we Hong Kong Phone Number List re not technically difficult. But still required to be known in a specific sequence.

Adobe photoshop.s replace sky feature avoids a series of very timeconsuming mechanical steps. Conclusions adobe software but not only evolves rapidly and our courses reflect these changes to meet your training needs.

Each course offered in espero is updated to ensure that the workflows and methods for working better are always up to date with changes. Not only in the software.

But also in the markets in which these software are used. Take a look at our com



plete proposal on graphics on the creative graphics and photo editing courses page or contact us for a personalized orientation consultation.

Which app to edit videos? Adobe premiere rush! Videos are very popular on social platforms and not only and represent content with an important weight in emarketing strategies.

They capture attention and generate. On average. More traffic than static content like a photo. If. For example. You work for an online but also offline store.

Showing the characteristics of a product with a video. Adding superim Australia Phone Number List posed text notes and a voice over that explains its peculiarities. Can be decisive in enticing a potential buyer to buy that product.

Uploading a story on instagram can be an opportunity

to do storytelling about a brand even our personal brand. And what.s better than a small video edited specifically .

Perhaps with music in the background. To achieve this? All these activities filming. Cutting. Adding text. Music. Correcting colors. ..

Are part of the list of tasks that a video editing app must be able to provide to the user. There are a multitude of video editing apps but few have the distinctive features of adobe premiere rush.

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