ocalcom and Seven shareholders name Nicolas


 Consolidate and strengthen product and service offerings and develop partnerships to position Vocalcom at the highest level. V Mestchersky chief executive. Nicolas has many years of experience in finance and entrepreneurship. He joined Vocalcom as Group Financial Officer in March and has developed a deep understanding of the company and its ecosystem over the past few years.


 Prior to this, Nicolas was responsible

for the Finance Department of AOS-Studley Group, a leader Latvia Mobile Number List in office real estate services; he accompanied his leaders and founders in many operational and commercial development projects. In 2006, he co-founded CSM (Connected Space Management), a company that provides hardware and data management solutions for pilot workspace usage. Since then, CSM has joined Sodexo Group.


 It is Nicholas’ ambition to chart 

new path for the company and usher in a new era of customer relations, surrounded by a new solid, consistent and committed management team. The company’s Belize Phone Number List main directions and developments will focus on several axes: Strengthening and restructuring of the product offering through a new roadmap and hybrid cloud and on-premises solutions.


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