How to Write the Perfect Copy That Sells – 12 Tips

Writing a great blog post, a note for a company website, or an offer for a client is not an easy thing. Especially when you want it to be content that will effectively encourage the reader to make a purchase decision.

I have some good news, though. If you apply proven principles of writing such a text, the likelihood that it will be read from cover to cover and will bring the expected results will increase significantly.

Another piece of positive news is that below I will present you with 12 tips on how to write an effective text.

So I wish you a pleasant read and… without further ado, let’s begin.

1. Be specific and to the point
The reader (potential or current customer) usually has little time to read the offer or article, so you should present them with substantive and informative information. Without long descriptions and boring.

2. Love at first sight
Serve the customer a real “bomb” or “firecracker” at the beginning. Something that will set them up for a “yes” from the start, will make them want to read the entire content of your text. Here we have a “topic”, “introduction”, and in the case of an offer, for example, “a few words of welcome”.

3. Do not use slogans and content that are general and do not present any cognitive value unless they are supported by examples
If you can’t be specific, avoid phrases such as:

we win many awards,
we offer a full range of services,
the quality of our products is much better than the competition…
4. Respect the customer, do not bother him with complex sentences.
The shorter and Binance Database more concise the sentence, the better. It is easier to absorb, and readers do not lose track.

5. Use simple, understandable words

If your text is not aimed at a specific Belgium phone number list professional group (e.g. lawyers) or people who use a niche, characteristic language (e.g. hip-hop artists), try to avoid difficult words, jargon and borrowings. The simpler, more understandable the language of the note, the better. If you want to “shine” with a phrase, show that you are an expert, fine, feel free to do so. But do it occasionally. Additionally, when the situation requires it, you can also explain what the term you used (which may not be understandable to everyone) means.

6. Don’t overdo it with fillers, they don’t add anything and only make the sentence longer.
Example: We entered thisgarden and then, something terrible happened.Thosethe flowers began, at a terrifying rate,Quickgrow.Generallywe were very scared.Bothme and my brother,but alsoUncle Cube and Aunt Ringy were shaking with fear.

7. If you list something, list services, products, etc.,

try to use bullet points and dotted lines.
The use of a list, with elements listed in subsequent lines, preceded by a number or a dot (or other characteristic sign), has a very beneficial effect on the readability of the text and its easier reception. The text does not merge and does not tire the reader.

8. Do not repeat the same phrases/words several times in one sentence or in subsequent content.
Remember – synonyms are your friends. Instead of using the word “information” 4 times, use “message”, “communication”, “ note ” etc.

9. But… repeat like a mantra the greatest benefit (or two) that the customer can gain from your offer
Brian Tracy, considered by many to be a sales guru, once introduced the concept of a “hot button”, i.e. a key benefit of the Customer. A “hot button” should be used when we think that the Customer is hesitant and, above all, when we want to finalize the sale (persuade the Customer to sign the Agreement). A few days ago, when I was buying a car, the salesperson, whenever he saw that I was thinking, emphasized what a great armrest the car had. The salesperson knew about the existence of the “hot button”, but did not know how to use it. Why? Because the armrest was not the greatest value for me, in fact, it was an insignificant element of the vehicle. So it is important to consciously determine, at the beginning, what may be a key benefit and later, at appropriate moments, remind about it.

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