Decrypt fake police fraud and be careful

The deceptive tactics of fake prosecutors and police officers are on the list every year! You may be thinking, why do you never get tir of these old jokes?

That’s because they keep getting money by cheating!
According to statistics from the Criminal Bureau, most of the victims of this type of fraud are people over the age of 50, with the average property loss amounting to more than NT$1 million! It can be found that the elderly are a high-risk group for fraud by pretending to be prosecutors and police officers. We remind everyone to care about their elders in the family and be careful when communicating such fraud techniques to avoid being fool!

Decrypt fake police How does the fraud group cheat?

Let’s take a look at a true story and find out where the doubts lie!

One day, Hong receiv a voice notification call that was suspect to be from Chunghwa Telecom…
“Hello, Chunghwa Telecom reminds Lithuania Phone Number List you that your bill is overdue and your payment has not been receiv. The company will shut down immiately. Please pay immiately. If you ne any enquiries, please press 9 to ask the customer service staff to serve you…”
Hong thought to himself that he had obviously paid on time, so he press 9 and ask the customer service staff.

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Hong: “Huh? But this account number is not mine.”


Customer service staff: “…After inquiry, your Lithuania Phone Number List personal Your information has been us fraudulently . I suggest you report the case. Would you like me to transfer you to the xx Municipal Police Station? ” A Hong: “Okay, please transfer it to me!”
Police officer: “Hello, I am a police officer from the xx Municipal Government. Bureau Chief, you are involv in the xx fraud case, and there is an execution order to be sent to you. Please go to the xx convenience store fax machine to receive the fax .”
Hong rush to the convenience store to accept the fax, always worri about whether he would go to jail. Risk… Two
days later, Hong receiv a call from someone claiming to be a prosecutor… Prosecutor: “Hello, the case has been transferr to me for investigation. I want to make an appointment with you to answer the phone to prevent you from colluding with the confession and fleeing. , and you are not allow to leave the country in the near future.” A Hong: “Okay, I will comply…” Prosecutor: “Currently we ne to monitor your account , please provide your account name and password  A few days later, Hiro discover that he had been defraud.

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