A secrets in fighting fake messages

She is Carol Xu, a Taiwanese engineer who independently develop the “Meiyu Aunt” message verification LINE chatbot. This year she decid to join hands with Whoscall’s parent company – Gogolook to jointly prevent potential fraud threats on communication software and help the public verify suspicious messages as soon as possible. . Carol hopes to achieve her above-mention vision with the addition of resources.

Today, we have an exclusive interview with Carol to talk about this journey.

The story behind the development of Aunt Meiyu is

that the birth of the onion “Aunt Meiyu” came from a bitten onion.
Carol pass by her father’s room one day and saw a bitten onion on the bside. After asking curiously, she learn that her father had read a message that “eating a bite of raw onion every day can fight cancer.”

Surpris by the great influence of false Cambodia Phone Number List information, Carol seriously thought about how to help her family judge the “cribility of information” on LINE. She said, “Everyone hopes that the people they love will be well, so when they see news that seems to be helpful, they want to share it with their relatives and friends.” However, if the information is not correct enough, this goodwill may become a troubl.

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In order to prevent the trouble


A from continuing to ferment, Carol decid to Cambodia Phone Number List develop a suspicious message verification chatbot “Meiyu Auntie”. At first, it connect real and fake chatbot APIs to compare the accumulat message verification data of real and fake Cofacts communities. “In As soon as the user receives the message, they can automatically compare it with the verification results of the social platform. Carol said that Meiyu Auntie is like a bridge that connects suspicious information that the public wants to know and that has been clarifi by the verification organization. , allowing information to be deliver faster and with less effort.

Due to the popularity of the group automatic verification function, the number of Aunt Meiyu’s friends has exce 300,000 in 2020, and the annual cumulative replies have exce 142 million. During the epidemic, the number of replies in a single month even reach a peak of nearly 19 million.

? Why would someone want to create false information? Carol shar that from several checking community databases link to “Aunt Meiyu”, it can be found that two types of suspicious information are the most popular in Taiwan: one is suspicious health information, and the other is political propaganda with bias statements.

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