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Your Text Message Program

Text interaction and promote your TextMarks keywords is with print promotional posters. These posters can hang in the storefront of your shop, on meeting room walls, distribut at events, and us like any other promotional poster with your company or organization’s contact information!

Through its sister company Poster Oven


TextMarks users can quickly create custom posters that you can send to a printer, or print yourself! Here’s how to get start.

The first step to create your custom poster is to select a template. To do this, click on the gray “Choose Template” button.
Then select the template you Netherlands Mobile Number List like most or that is most appropriate for your campaign. If you want to promote your keyword along with a specific event, or with your company via Facebook or Twitter, there are templates that have spaces for this as well:

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After you select your template


You’ll automatically see a preview of your poster. You’ll also be taken automatically a menu that allows you to change the text on your poster. Make any changes you wish to the poster’s text, and click the “Next: Social>” button:
The Social menu will let you Netherlands Phone Number List add Facebook and Twitter links to your poster, which will also appear as QR codes that users can scan for more information. Additionally, this section lets you alter your keyword info. Make any changes you like, then click the “Next: Download>” button.
You’ll have the option to download your poster as a PDF or a PNG file. If you intend to sent the file to a printer, PDF will give you a higher resolution image. If you wish to post the poster online or share via an email to your customers, PNG is a lower resolution file format that will require less memory:

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